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Parkway Tree Trimming

March 13, 2019 04:44 PM
Parkway Tree Trimming

The Village tree service contractor is currently trimming parkway trees. The particular trimming areas at this time borders Asbury Avenue on the north side, Green Bay Road on the east side and Westmoor Road on the south side.  All parkway trees will receive general trimming to improve tree structure for future growth.  The trimming includes deadwood removal and clearance trimming of 16 to 18 feet over streets; and 8 to 12 feet over parkways and sidewalks. Parkway trees are trimmed on a 6 to 7 year rotation. At certain times streets will temporarily be closed within the tree trimming area.  Street closures are important for crew and public safety.  Thos with questions, please contact the Village Forester at 847-716-3535. 


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