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Beginning later this year, the Village will be offering several additional once-weekly curbside collection options, at a reduced monthly fee, to allow residents more flexibility to tailor their refuse collection needs, and to have more control over monthly costs. This change will also help Village refuse collection staff to continue providing the effective, efficient, and safe customer service you have come to enjoy over the years.

The Village will be providing residents with wheeled containers, similar to current curbside recycling containers, but in varying sizes. The Village is currently determining how many containers of each size to order, and as part of that effort, you have been randomly selected to participate in a survey to gauge resident preference on the level of refuse service desired. 

This survey will NOT be considered an official selection for your service option.  

Curbside graduated pricing can options: 35 Gallon $22-27/month, 65 Gallon, $33-38/month, 95 Gallon $45-55/month. Backdoor collection: two 37 Gallon Cans $45-55/month. Twice weekly collection $95-105/month

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