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Implementation Task Force

In July 2017, the Village Council appointed a Downtown Master Plan (DMP) Implementation Task Force to begin work on the 2016 DMP Action Plan.

On June 19, 2018, the Village Council adopted the Downtown Streetscape & Signage Master Plan.

Additional information is available on the Village's dedicated DMP website.

Winnetka-Branding-1Members of the Task Force include:

  • Jon Talty, Chair
  • Margaret Benson
  • Steve Hudson
  • Margaret Lamason
  • Scott Myers, Trustee
  • John Swierk, Trustee
  • Bob Winter

The Task Force's initial assignment is Streetscape and Signage Plan Development. In September 2017, the Village Council engaged Teska Associates, who worked on the 2016 DMP, to facilitate Task Force meetings. Below is a summary of the meetings currently planned.

Click here to view Task Force agenda packets and minutes.

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