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Downtown Streetscape

The Village Council adopted the Downtown Streetscape and Signage Master Plan on June 19, 2018. In 2019, the Council budgeted funds to implement Phase I of the Streetscape Plan for the west portion of the Elm Business District. The streetscape design and engineering has been revised through a series of engagement meetings and is anticipated to be finalized in early May.

On April 24, the Village hosted a Streetscape Construction Phasing meeting with businesses. As a result of those discussions, the Village has developed a tenatative schedule for the Phase I project-- with substantial completion of construction by October 18 and completion of final punchlist items by November 1, 2019.

On May 7, Village Council reviewed the 90% West Elm Streetscape Plans and gave Staff authorization to seek bids for the project. Links below provide additional detail on the project history, planned streetscape design, and anticipated construction schedule:


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