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Downtown Streetscape

The Village Council adopted the Downtown Streetscape and Signage Master Plan on June 19, 2018. In 2019, the Council budgeted funds to implement Phase I of the Streetscape Plan for the west portion of the Elm Business District. The streetscape design and engineering has been revised through a series of engagement meetings and is anticipated to be finalized in early May.

On April 24, the Village hosted a Streetscape Construction Phasing meeting with businesses. As a result of those discussions, the Village has developed a tenatative schedule for the Phase I project-- with substantial completion of construction by October 18 and completion of final punchlist items by November 1, 2019.

On May 7, Village Council reviewed the 90% West Elm Streetscape Plans and gave Staff authorization to seek bids for the project. Links below provide additional detail on the project history, planned streetscape design, and anticipated construction schedule.

On June 18, Village Council awarded the contract for construction services for this project to ALamp Concrete Contractors in Schaumburg, Illinois. ALamp has experience with similar projects of this scope. Construction is expected to begin on Monday, July 22, and be substantially completed by October 18. 

Construction Updates

Phase I of the Downtown Streetscape project is substantially complete.

In May of 2020, the landscaping contractor will return to install new parkway trees, placement of the new planter pots, and installation of new annual and perennial plantings in the planting areas.  The addition of the vegetation in the spring will build upon the aesthetic improvements of the Streetscape project.

To ensure the longevity of the new hardscape items which include the new brick pavers, concrete sidewalks, and the hardscape items, the Village is asking all businesses to not use salt products for deicing operations during the winter months.  Instead the Village will be providing business owner’s with a free 50-pound bag or an alternative deicing product. The reduction of salt products is not only helpful for the environment but also safer for the new Streetscape items.

Contact James Bernahl, Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering, with questions:, 847-716-3261.

A note about vegetation: the Streetscape project includes larger tree pits to promote tree health. In spring 2020, 21 new trees will be planted and a number of planters will be placed in the West Elm area.

Project Documents


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