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January 2016 Open House

January 21 & 23 Public Open Houses- Summary & Materials

Last fall, the Village contracted with Strand Associates for engineering services to re-evaluate the Village’s western drainage basins for creative, cost-effective westward looking improvements for storms ranging from the 10-year to the 100-year event, taking into account the Village’s flood-control goals and objectives. Strand is taking a holistic approach to this project, evaluating a variety of grey and green infrastructure approaches, conveyance, detention, retention, infiltration, property buyout or individual protection retrofit programs, and a host of other traditional and emerging stormwater management technologies.

On January 21 and 23, Strand Associates conducted the initial Awareness Phase Public Open Houses in the north gymnasium at Washburne School. The two meetings were identical in format and content and focused on communicating the results of model verification and the consultant’s early observations.  Strand also focused on listening to the community to solicit innovative ideas and receive public input on experiences in these flood-prone areas.

IMG_4159Strand Associates made a brief introductory presentation, which outlined the study area, explained how the geography and topography of the area contributes to the Village’s flooding problems, and showed detailed flood modeling results. To see the introductory presentation, CLICK HERE.

After this presentation, Strand Associates conducted breakout activity stations, where residents in each study sub-area viewed model predictions of flooding under current conditions, shared their flooding observations to help Strand confirm the hydraulic modeling, learned about the wide variety flood reduction techniques that might be considered for sub-areas, and provided comments and input for Strand. You can view flood model simulations of the July, 2011 flood event by clicking below:

We are still seeking and collecting resident comments and flooding observations, and we are particularly interested in any photographs you might have of the July 2011 or April 2013 flooding events. You can complete a comment card form and submit it or photographs by e-mail to

IMG_4157Strand will document and communicate the input received at these meetings and will begin evaluating the feasibility and benefits of various approaches to flood reduction in the project areas. Strand’s next engagement meetings, as part of their Exploration Phase, will focus on discussing and exploring possible flood reduction strategies and improvements and are expected to occur in early March 2016.

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