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Study Approach

Strand Study Approach

Strand Associates is undertaking a watershed based approach to evaluation of stormwater management and flood control in the western and southwestern areas of Winnetka.  The watershed based approach considers the relationship of stormwater among natural systems, the environment, infrastructure (sewers, transportation, parks and open space), the economy, and the community in order to integrate stormwater and flood control solutions into the broader vision for the community as a whole. The result often delivers tremendous added value to the community by providing tangible and visible amenities beyond just stormwater management and flooding control.


Over the course of the study, the following specific activities will be performed:

  • Data gathering and review
    • Comprehensive evaluation of available data characterizing the conditions of the watershed such as topography, density of homes and development, impervious ground cover and soil conditions, roadway network, utilities, frequency of flooding and historical extents of flooding, property ownership, neighborhood and community character, and various plans for improvements or changes in the watershed.
  • Evaluate hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for verification of existing conditions and historical flooding
    • Verify the computer models used in the study accurately reflect the conditions Winnetka experiences during various rainfall events to determine whether potential stormwater management alternatives are realistic, appropriate, and feasible to provide the level of protection expected by the community. 
  • Alternatives development
    • Identify the many potential stormwater management and flood control opportunities within the watershed and carefully considering the feasibility, practicality, cost, benefit, and measure of protection of each opportunity; a wide spectrum of stormwater management solutions will be considered, which includes many traditional stormwater management controls as well as a selection of more innovative and creative solutions that may not have been previously considered.
  • Stakeholder engagement
    • Create a commuinity effort around the planning and implementation, as there are critical community entities in the watershed that will be integral to successful and sustainable stormwater and flood mitigation improvements; explore partnerships and collaborative opportunities with stakeholders whose goals and objectives are directly impacted by stormwater issues and will also benefit from the Village’s stormwater management efforts.
  • Public participation
    • Conduct an extensive public participation effort will be directed towards gaining valuable input from the community; inform and involve the public throughout the planning and design processes to understand the needs, desires, and opportunities addressed by the identified alternatives.
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