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Stormwater Management Program Material Migrated to Village Website

January 8, 2016 04:31 PM

All of the material that was contained on that site has been moved to the Village website.  Just click on the Residents tab, and select Stormwater Management from the menu list.

The information from the Stormwater Management Program website has not changed; however, it is organized somewhat differently on the Village’s site.  Residents are encouraged to visit the Stormwater Management page and become familiar with the new set-up.  Community participation and engagement is a crucial element for success as the Village moves forward with its exploration of innovative flood mitigation strategies. 

Much of the past work completed and stormwater summaries are now organized in an archive (see  The email address is still available for public comment and/or questions about stormwater.

Strand Associates continues to work diligently on its evaluation of stormwater management alternatives for western and southern Winnetka.  Reviews of previous models and reports for this area are nearly complete.  Interviews are being conducted with other agencies that control much of the open space in this area of the Village, to determine if a convergence of interests and goals can be found.  The Village expects to hear a report from Strand early next year on its review of previous modeling, as well as results of the stakeholder engagement.  The Village has also established a dedicated portion of the website related to the Strand study:


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