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Stormwater Utility Credit and Appeal Processes On Stormwater Management Program Website

June 10, 2014 01:10 PM

In March, the Winnetka Village Council adopted an ordinance creating a stormwater utility, effective July 1, 2014.  Provisions of the ordinance establish that both credits and appeals will be permitted for the stormwater utility.  Property owners will have the opportunity to make these applications after receiving a stormwater fee on their regular utility bill.

There are two types of credits for which individual property owners may be eligible: 1) a credit of up to 50% for detaining and cleaning no less than half of the property’s stormwater runoff (under a 100-year design storm); and 2) a credit of 100% if none of a property’s stormwater runoff discharges into the Village’s stormwater system.   

If a property owner believes their stormwater fee is incorrect, they may appeal based on one of the following reasons: 1) billing errors such as an incorrect billing address; 2) miscalculation on the bill; 3) incorrect impervious area calculation such as incorrect measurements or non-existent impervious area; or 4) incorrect classification of property (property has been misclassified for billing).

Informational materials about the credit and appeal processes are available by clicking here.  The materials will summarize the process, timeframe, requirements, and necessary forms.  Applications must be on the Village’s forms to be accepted.  Customers who have questions may call 847-716-3549 or email


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