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Stormwater Utility Fee Estimator Now Available


After thoroughly analyzing financing options to fund the proposed improvements in Winnetka’s Stormwater Management Program, the Village Council chose to pursue a stormwater utility fee.  Starting in July, a bi-monthly stormwater fee will be added to all utility bills.  The fee is based on each property’s stormwater runoff impact.

The fee is connected to the amount of impervious surface located on each parcel in the Village and is calculated based on the number of Equivalent Runoff Units (ERU).  Impervious surface includes building rooftops, parking lots, driveways, paved walkways, and tennis/basketball courts – any surface that impedes the filtration of stormwater into the soil.  One ERU is equal to 3,400 square feet of impervious area; the number of ERUs on a property are multiplied by the base fee to generate the amount owed.  To see the estimated base fees visit the Stormwater Utility Fee Fact Sheet.

The Village is committed to helping residents understand the utility and their anticipated fees, and therefore has developed the Stormwater Utility Fee Estimator, which is now available on the Stormwater Master Plan website.  Simply begin entering the number and street address of your home, and click on your address when it appears in the drop-down box.  The calculator will instantly generate the impervious area calculation, number of ERUs, and the estimated annual stormwater utility bill for the first three years.   

Winnetka’s Utility Fee Estimator includes links to a how-to guide and a utility FAQ.  Users with questions are encouraged to contact the Village directly by completing an online form.  For residents who do not have access to a computer, you may visit the Finance window at Village Hall (510 Green Bay Road) or the Winnetka-Northfield Library768 Oak), where computers are available for residents to view and print their fee estimate. 


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