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Village and Residents Collaborate on Myrtle Alley Improvements

October 24, 2014 10:40 AM

In a fine example of cooperation between Village staff and residents, the Myrtle Street alley was recently repaved after homeowners requested concrete paving to replace the existing gravel pavement. This alley is the main access point for adjoining property owners to access their garages.  As with certain requested upgrades to public infrastructure, residents are required to contribute funds for a portion of the project cost.  Once the improvements are completed, the Village maintains the area. 

Since all of the area residents agreed to contribute funding, the Public Works Department arranged to have the resurfacing work completed in coordination with a resurfacing project taking place nearby.  On the neighborhood’s behalf, the Village negotiated a favorable cost with the project contractor, resulting in a price lower than the original estimate. The Village is very appreciative of these residents’ willingness to collaborate in enhancing the Village’s infrastructure and it looks forward to serving many more residents in a similar manner.


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