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Winnetka Receives Flood Insurance Program Designation

June 5, 2015 01:17 PM

Last May, Brian Eber of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources presented the Winnetka Village Council with a plaque awarding the Village of Winnetka a Class 6 Rating for the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System (CRS). 

The CRS recognizes a community’s efforts to provide more than minimum flood protection by offering a reduction in flood insurance premiums for its property owners.  CRS discounts on flood insurance premiums range from 5% up to 45%, depending upon the rate class, which ratings range from Class 10 (0% discount), to Class 1 (45% discount).  These discounts provide an incentive to invest in new flood protection activities that can help save lives and property in the event of a flood. 

As a Rate Class 6, Winnetka Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) flood policy holders will receive a 20% discount on their premiums; non-SFHA flood policy holders will receive a 10% discount.  Both SFHA and non-SFHA policies are subject to non-policy fees applied by FEMA.  Village staff will continue to work within the CRS program in an effort to improve the Village’s Class Rating to the next step for an even larger discount.   

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