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Winter Parking Restrictions

December 4, 2015 08:18 AM

Daytime Parking
A “Snow Emergency” is declared by the Village when two or more inches of snow fall within a 24-hour period.  Parking on residential streets is prohibited until the street is cleared of snow. Temporary signs will posted in the business districts before enforcement activity, but no signs will be placed in residential areas.

Overnight Street Parking
No overnight parking permission will be granted during a Snow Emergency.   

Village Parking Lots
Village parking lots are marked with signs restricting overnight parking after a snow event.  Each lot prohibits parking on either ODD or EVEN dates after 3 inches of snow.  The odd/even refers to the date after Midnight, as the restrictions apply from Midnight to 6:00AM. This practice allows for the lots to be cleared while still leaving portions of the lots available at all times.

Please be mindful of where you park when snow is falling or is forecast, since vehicles are ticketed, and may be towed when in violation of these parking regulations.


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