1. can-selection-2x-prices

    Select Back Door or Curbside Refuse Service by March 1, 2021

    Beginning in May 2021, residents will have the option of having their garbage collected from the curbside, using containers similar to the current recycling service containers, in addition to the current back door collection service. Read on...
  2. christmas-tree

    Christmas Tree Pickup

    Christmas trees will be picked up from the curbside for shredding, chipping, and composting beginning January 4, 2021 through January 18, 2021. Read on...
  3. take-out-challenge-website

    Restaurant Take Out Challenge: Eat Locally and Win!

    The Village of Winnetka is launching our Take Out Challenge! Spend $150 at one or multiple restaurant locations, provide receipts, and be entered to win local dining or shopping experiences! Read on...
  4. snow-shoveling

    Sidewalk Snow Shoveling

    After larger snow events, with accumulation beyond 3 to 4 inches, the Village plows snow from residential sidewalks. Residents should remove snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes after slushy events or smaller snowstorms. Read on...
  5. flowers

    Join the Discussion on the Use of Plantings on Village Parkways

    The Environmental and Forestry Commission (EFC) will devote its next 4 monthly meetings to preparation of recommendations to the Village Council regarding plantings on Village parkways that will yield positive benefits for the Village. Read on...
  6. Village of Winnetka

    Water Service Line Maintenance Notice Not Associated with the Village

    Residents may receive a notice from an independent vendor regarding their water service line's repair and maintenance needs. This mailing is in no way associated with the Village. Read on...
  7. snow

    Snow Control Operations

    The Winnetka Public Works Department is committed to keeping Village streets clear of snow and ice to maintain safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic on publicly maintained streets and sidewalks throughout the winter months. Read on...