Online Payments

  1. Commuter Parking Pass Renewals
  2. Digital Billing
  3. Other Bill Payments
  4. Parking Ticket Payment
  5. Utility Bill Payments
  6. Vehicle / Dog License Renewals

The Village of Winnetka offers the option for residents to renew their "C" commuter parking passes online. Paper renewal applications will be mailed to current pass holders for the current validity period about one month before the pass expires and include an online PIN. Enter your PIN and select the appropriate passes that you would like to renew. You will be prompted to make a secure payment by credit card, and once verified, your vehicle sticker will be sent to you via U.S. mail.

Refuse Rates

Please note: Utility bills are sent every other month.

Garbage Pick Up

  • $102.50/bimonthly
    • Regular weekly pickup at back door
    • Includes collection of (2) 37-gallon cans
  • $205/bimonthly
    • Optional second weekly pickup, back door service
  • Curbside collection/bimonthly:
    • 35 Gallon; $55.36
    • 65 Gallon: $73.80
    • 95 Gallon; $92.26
    • 95 Gallon 2x/week: $184.52 
  • $2.50 sticker
    • Sticker cost for over-sized items and additional garbage cans
  • $35 first cubic yard, $13 each additional cubic yard
    • Optional special curbside pickup for large quantities of refuse


Recycling is included with regular garbage service

  • Regular curbside pickup
  • Includes (1) 95-gallon, heavy-duty wheeled container
  • Unlimited volume of specified plastic, paper, metals and glass

Yard Waste

  • $2.50 sticker/bag or bundle
    • Once a week curbside pickup for all bagged or bundled landscape material with a yard waste sticker attached.

View additional information about refuse rates and specialized collections.