Current Construction Projects

The Village of Winnetka continues to change and improve, often with the help of public infrastructure projects. We strive to provide up-to-date information about the projects with the most impact on those living, working, and visiting the community. Please keep in mind that construction zones can be dangerous. The Village encourages everyone to heed construction signs and warnings and to ensure that children do not play on or near construction sites.

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Street Rehabilitation Program

The 2020 Street Rehabilitation project has begun. This year, the Village will be undertaking several large construction projects during the 2020 construction season, which will be completed under one contract.  Village Council awarded this year’s contract to A Lamp Concrete Contractors, Inc.  The program includes Street Rehabilitation, Pavement Patching, and Pavement Striping, throughout various locations in the Village.

Elm Street                    from      Locust Street       to     Birch Street;               Reconstruction + Water Services

Elm Street                    from      Hibbard Road     to     Glendale Avenue;      Rehabilitation (New curbs & Resurfacing)

Essex Road                  from      Warwick Road     to     Winnetka Ave             Rehabilitation + Water Main/Services

Gage Street                  from      Gordon Terr.       to     Green Bay Road;       Rehabilitation + Water Main/Services

Merrill Street               from      Gordon Terr.       to      Green Bay Road;      Rehabilitation + Water Main/Services

Mt. Pleasant Road       from      Chestnut Street   to      Ridge Ave;                 Reconstruction + Water Main/Services

Warwick Road             from      Winnetka Ave      to       Essex Road;              Rehabilitation + Water Main/ Services

Westmoor Road           from      Hibbard Road     to       Rosewood Ave;         Rehabilitation + Water Main/Services

Parking Lot at SWC of Spruce and Birch

New Update as of May 29, 2020

The remaining landscaping work on Elm St between Hibbard Road and Glendale Avenue will be completed on Friday(5/29).  The final striping of the roadway is scheduled for Tuesday(6/2) next week, weather permitting. This will complete all of the roadway work on Elm Street.

The Contractor also completed the final striping for the Spruce and Birch Parking Lot.  The parking lot work is now complete and the parking lot has been reopened to the general public.

If you have any questions regarding these matters please feel free to contact the Project Engineer, Mehdi Vakil at 847-716-3530.

Boal Parkway Stormwater Pump Station Project

New Update as of 5/8/20

A kick-off meeting was held on Wednesday with the Contractor, representatives from the Engineering Design firm, and staff.  The meeting focused on the proposed schedule for the upcoming work, coordination with the Water and Electric Department, and the pump station layout.  Due to the lengthy lead time for some of the critical components such as the pumps and the controller cabinet work is not expected to commence until early August.  Once work begins it is expected to be substantially completed within 2 to 3 months, weather dependent.