Indian Hill Business District Streetscape

Streetscape Concept – Public Open House 

On February 15, the Villages of Winnetka and Kenilworth held an in-person open house to give Winnetka community members an opportunity to provide input on a draft design concept for streetscape improvements for Green Bay Road as it runs through the Indian Hill Business District. 

Given the excess traffic capacity of this section of Green Bay Road (e.g., this section has similar traffic counts as portions of Sheridan Road to the east), one of the major design concepts is to improve pedestrian experience and safety in the area, by converting the lanes of traffic from four through lanes (two in each direction) to two through lanes (one in each direction) and one shared turn lane. By doing this, we can widen the sidewalk in front of the businesses on the west side of the street and provide a sidewalk on the east side for motorist parking on the east side of the street, as well as in the adjacent parking lot.  

Materials that were shared at the open house can be accessed using the following links:

1.    Corridor Character & Existing Conditions
2.    Plan View – Green Bay Road in Winnetka
3.    Plan View – Green Bay Road in Kenilworth
4.    Typical Roadway Sections – Existing & Proposed
5.    Streetscape Furnishing Options

Community members still have time to share their thoughts regarding the streetscape concept design by sending us your comments. In addition to wanting to hear your thoughts about the proposed roadway and sidewalk layout through Winnetka, we are also interested in hearing your preferences for streetscape furnishing options from the three options provided (e.g., Family 1, Family 2, or Family 3). 

About this project

The Village has commenced a streetscape planning effort for the Indian Hill Business District and is planning to make streetscape improvements within the Green Bay Road right-of-way in the business district, similar to those streetscape improvements made in the Elm Street Business District.   

The planning effort is a joint project with the Village of Kenilworth, as the project area is along Green Bay Road between Winnetka Avenue in Winnetka and Kenilworth Avenue in Kenilworth. The effort includes a study of the utilization of the Green Bay Road roadway, parkway, and sidewalks. This Streetscape Plan will build on previous planning studies that have been implemented and identify further opportunities to benefit the businesses, residents, and visitors of Hubbard Woods.

Maps view of Indian Hill business district along Green Bay Road

Project Area Within Winnetka: Green Bay Road from Winnetka Avenue to southern corporate limits

The planning process is designed to offer enhancement options that improve pedestrian safety, on-street and off-street parking, lighting, pavement, site furnishings, wayfinding signage, trees, plantings, and outdoor seating and dining. 

Study outcomes

This study will result in an Green Bay Road Streetscape Concept Design Plan report that will include streetscape concept designs for Green Bay Road to help guide future Village discussions and decision-making about specific streetscape improvements in the district.

Green Bay Road jurisdiction

Green Bay Road is currently controlled by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). As such, certain design standards must be met and IDOT coordination meetings will take place. The Village has discussed the potential to explore a Jurisdictional Transfer with IDOT, which is an agreement that facilitates the transfer of ownership of a section of state-controlled roadway from IDOT to a municipality. Under a jurisdictional transfer, the municipality takes over responsibility of the public right-of-way from the State and thus is provided more design flexibility.

Streetscape planning timeline

The current streetscape planning efforts are focused on concept-level planning and public engagement. This spring 2024, we will work with the community to develop a streetscape concept plan. We then anticipate it taking several years to work with IDOT to determine if the improvements will be made as an IDOT or Village-controlled right-of-way. Once that decision is made, it will take some time to prepare construction documents. Once the construction documents are prepared, streetscape improvements could begin.

Project questions

How can I get involved and receive project updates?
Community input is welcome throughout the planning process. Feedback can be provided by contacting Community Development Director David Schoon. Please subscribe to Winnetka’s weekly email newsletter to receive project updates and to participate in upcoming activities. 

Where can I review Winnetka’s past plans that relate to this study?
The Hubbard Woods Streetscape Plan builds upon recent planning efforts by the Village of Winnetka. Links to relevant past efforts follows below:

Get involved

To ensure the plan’s recommendations reflect community priorities, community input is important to us.

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  • Stay tuned! Interactive public workshops and presentations to the Village Council are planned. Materials will be linked to this website. 

Comments and questions?

Please contact David Schoon, Community Development Director.