Licenses and Permits

Certain licenses and permits are required in the Village. Below is a list of the most commonly pulled licenses and permits for businesses. 

Building Permits

Required for commercial building projects in Winnetka. 

Employee Parking Permits

Owners and employees of brick and mortar businesses in the Elm Street, Hubbard Woods, and Indian Hill Business districts are asked to park in designated Zone A parking spaces during working hours.

Food Dealer License – Non-restaurant

Businesses intending to sell or serve food and/or drink items are subject to compliance with health and sanitation requirements.

Food Dealer License - Restaurant

The Village has developed specific guidance to assist restaurants and other specialty food businesses with permitting, inspection and approvals.

Liquor License

Businesses which intend to sell or serve beer, wine, or liquor are required to obtain a liquor license and are subject to compliance with the Village’s liquor control requirements.

Outdoor Seating Area Permit

Required to use of the public right-of-way for outdoor seating. 

Sign & Awning Permits

Required to install a sign or awning on any commercial, multi-family, or institutional building or site. Application materials include reference to applicable Design Guidelines, meeting calendar and submittal deadlines.

Special Event Permit

If you are planning to host a special event that requires closing a public street or sidewalk, or requires Village resources, you must secure a special event permit from the Winnetka Police Department.

Special Use Permit

Certain business types are now allowed by right to open in the commercial district and must secure a Special Use Permit. There are two types of Special Use Permits – one for businesses located within the C2 Commercial Overlay District, and one for businesses located outside of the C2 Commercial Overlay District. 

Temporary Food Service Permit

Required for any food service operating for a temporary period of time, not to exceed 14 days in connection to a special event with food service and sales, such as the Winnetka Farmers’ Market.