Refuse Collection

As part of the regular collection of residential refuse, the Village will empty two 37-gallon garbage cans of trash from each single-family household (at the back door, if available) once per week. To ensure efficient collection of refuse please follow the guidelines below:

  • Refuse should be set out by 7 AM.
  • All receptacles shall not weigh more than 20 pounds empty, and not more than 60 pounds when full.
  • On collection days, garbage cans are to be located in an accessible place outside of garages or other secured enclosures. Garbage cans may be required to be removed from behind fences or parked cars that block driveways.
  • Regular collections are limited to no more than two 37-gallon cans, once per week. An optional twice-per-week subscription pickup may be scheduled for an additional fee of $50.00 per a month.
  • Each additional 37-gallon can or bag must have a Village refuse sticker affixed in order to be collected; refuse stickers may be purchased at Grand Foods, Lakeside Foods or Village Hall for $2.25 each.

Residential Refuse Changes Update

The Village had planned to modify our residential refuse collection program in 2020 to provide residents with greater flexibility in selecting the level of refuse collection service, in terms of size of refuse containers, that best fit household need, and to provide curbside refuse collection options for those who chose them. This project is paused at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the Village resumes its development of curbside residential refuse options, additional information will be provided to residents. The current refuse collection program will continue as-is.

Special Pick-Up Service

Due to COVID-19, the Village is offering a modified special collection pick-up service. The modified special collection service includes dropping off a 2 yard dumpster and collecting the dumpster the following business day. The cost for this service is $60.00. 

For large objects or quantities not practical for regular refuse pickup, a special pickup may be requested. Special pickups are billed by volume and must consist of general household items that are small and light enough to be handled by two persons without danger of injury. Major appliances and large heavy furnishings may also be collected, but a special handling charge will be assessed to cover costs and disposal. Materials scheduled for a special collection must be placed in the parkway near the curb.

Special pickup cost are $35 for the first cubic yard of material and $13 for each additional cubic yard. Call 847-716-3568, two to three working days before the desired collection date to schedule a special pickup, or email Brendon Mendoza.

Yard Waste Collection

Illinois law prohibits disposing of yard waste (lawn clippings, brush, branches, etc.) with regular household refuse. The Village provides curbside collection of yard waste throughout the year; however, additional collection procedures and charges apply to this type of refuse.

Yard Waste Bags & Stickers

Residents are required to purchase yard waste bags from local home improvement stores, and affix a Village yard waste sticker on the bag. Stickers can be purchased at Village Hall, Grand Foods and Lakeside Foods for $2.25 each. Bags will be picked up curbside on your designated yard waste pick-up day. Other yard waste, such as brush and branches, must be bundled with rope (not wire) and each bundle must have a sticker affixed.


Yard waste must be set out curbside by 7 am on your regular refuse collection day. From April through November, yard waste is collected twice per week: on both Monday and Thursday from residents who have either Monday or Thursday garbage collection and on both Tuesday and Friday from residents who have either Tuesday or Friday garbage collection.