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1. Which container is for my refuse and which is for recycling?
2. What refuse container size options and service levels are available to choose from?
3. How do I receive a new container for refuse collection if I enroll in curbside collection?
4. Will I receive new containers if I continue with back door refuse service?
5. Do I need to use the Village refuse container if I enroll in the curbside collection?
6. Where should I place my new refuse container?
7. If I continue with back door collection, can I switch the size of my back door containers?
8. If I have alley collection, is that considered back door or curbside?
9. If I select a curbside service level, can I opt for twice a week collection for an additional fee?
10. Can I have more than one container if I select the curbside option?
11. Will my refuse collection day change?