Reducing and diverting food scraps from the landfill and turning them into compost is a simple but effective way to:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 
  • improve soil health, 
  • reduce soil loss, 
  • increase water filtration and storage, 
  • turn food scraps into a resource, and more.  

As such, the Village encourages residents, schools, businesses, and other organizations to compost by working with one of the two preferred vendors listed below. Each vendor provides a 5-gallon bucket service and a 32-gallon cart service, offers porch/backdoor and flexible pick-up services, and has its own pricing structure and service levels. Customer service and billing for food scrap collection and composting services are separate from Village refuse and recycling collection services. 

Collective Resource Compost

Collective Resource Compost is a woman-owned, Evanston-based food scrap hauling company that makes composting easy and has been servicing Winnetka schools, residents, and events since 2012. The company focuses on education and personalized customer service with pickup options that will meet every customer’s needs.


WasteNot is Chicago’s first and only zero-emissions compost collection service. WasteNot provides members with the easiest and cleanest way to go green by making their collections with 100% electric vans. They offer weekly service, including a clean bucket swap and the option to receive "finished" compost on scheduled distribution days.

Commercial-only: Lakeshore Recycling

Lakeshore Recycling Systems is offering a commercial composting organics program to Winnetka business and restaurant owners as part of its renewal contract with the Village of Winnetka. The weekly program is cart-based with the option of using either a 65-gallon or 95-gallon cart. To sign up, email Lakeshore Recycling Systems or call 844-633-3577. 


In April 2019, after considering presentations by New Trier students and the Environmental and Forestry Commission, Village Council tasked staff with exploring options for implementing a Village-wide food scrap collection and composting program. The “container swap” model was chosen as the best option for Winnetka to pursue (as opposed to a curbside program, a drop-off program, etc.). Multiple container swap vendors were contacted. Two are currently preferred vendors for the Village’s residents, schools, businesses, and other organizations and events.