Outside of a Building in the SummerLand use planning is a function of municipal government that provides a mechanism for orderly and desirable development as well as preservation of existing desirable physical elements of the Village.

Winnetka Futures 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The Village of Winnetka is currently engaged with the Lakota Group to create the next version of a comprehensive plan. Learn more.

Winnetka 2020 Comprehensive Plan

On November 16, 1999, the Village Council adopted the 2020 Comprehensive Plan (PDF), a document which offers guidance on a wide range of issues including:

  • The character of residential neighborhoods
  • Environmental conditions
  • Open space
  • Transportation
  • The vitality of commercial districts

The Plan evaluates existing land use patterns and adopts land use maps and other policies setting forth a vision for the future of the Village. As suggested by the title of the document, the Plan illustrates a vision for the physical character of the Village for a period of approximately 15 to 20 years. The Village’s prior plan was last updated in 1993.

Planning Success

The success of the comprehensive planning process depends heavily on the involvement of the Village’s residents in shaping the recommendations and priorities articulated in the Plan. From 1997 to 1999 the Plan Commission conducted numerous outreach efforts to garner input of Winnetka residents, including community wide surveys, focus groups and interviews, as well as numerous public meetings, informal workshops, and public hearings.

Winnetka Design Guidelines

In 2001 the Village adopted detailed Design Guidelines (PDF) which provide guidance for the architectural design of buildings, as well as the design and placement of parking, open space and other elements in Winnetka’s Commercial Business Districts. The Guidelines are intended to assure that new development and/or alterations of existing structures reflect an understanding of, and relationship to, the immediate surroundings and established Village-wide character. Guidelines also provide recommendations for appropriate design of multi-family residential uses and institutional uses.

The Guidelines form the basis for evaluation and review of alteration and new construction proposals by the Winnetka Design Review Board to determine whether such projects should receive the required Certificate of Appropriateness.