Cross Connection Control

What are cross connection control/backflow preventers?

Cross connection control devices are also called backflow preventers, reduced pressure zone devices or “RPZs.” These devices are installed on various plumbing systems to protect your drinking water and the Village’s water supply from contaminates. An RPZ is a specific type of backflow prevention device that is used when a higher level of protection is needed. Even small fluctuations in Village’s water mains can cause drops in pressure large enough to allow contaminants from a non-potable system to backflow into the potable drinking water supply.

Why do I need cross connection controls tested?

The State of Illinois regulates the use of RPZs as outlined in Illinois State Plumbing Code Section 890.1130-Protection of Potable Water and by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The law not only requires the use of RPZ devices, but also that the devices must be tested once per year. State law also requires that the local municipality provide oversight that all requirements are being met.

Cross Connection Survey

The Village sends a Cross Connection Paper Survey (PDF) to Winnetka residential and commercial water customers. You may also fill this survey out via web form. The survey is part of the Village’s cross connection program which is an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requirement. 

Cross Connection Test Reports

Test reports should be emailed to the Village’s Water & Electric Department.