Commuter Parking Permits

The Village designates parking areas around the three train stations (Indian Hill, Elm Street, and Hubbard Woods) for commuter parking, as highlighted in the following parking maps:

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Commuter cars must display a valid daily or 6-month parking permit in these lots. Daily Commuter Parking Permits can only be purchased in person at Village Hall. The purchase of a permit does not guarantee that a spot will be available in the most convenient location. Residents who live in apartments in business districts may purchase a Zone C Permit. Students are banned from purchasing or utilizing a Commuter parking permit. The price for the 6-month permit is pro-rated depending on the month of purchase, as follows:

January and July$ 100.00$ 220.00
February and August$ 83.33$ 183.33
March and September$ 66.67$ 146.67
April and October$ 50.00$ 110.00
May and November$ 33.33$ 73.33
June and December$ 16.67$ 36.67