Flood Plain Maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issues maps that are used to regulate development in a flood plain and to establish flood insurance rates. These maps are called Flood Insurance Rate Maps or FIRMs. The Village of Winnetka divided into several map panels. The most current FIRMs have an effective date of August 19, 2008, and are listed here.

Community Panel NumberMap NumberEffective DatePanel Numbers
1701760113J17031C0113JAugust 19, 20080113
1701760232J17031C0232JAugust 19, 20080232
1701760234J17031C0234JAugust 19, 20080234
1701760251J17031C0251JAugust 19, 20080251
1701760253J17031C0253JAugust 19, 20080253
1701760255J17031C0255JAugust 19, 20080255

To view your property on the Village’s Interactive Mapping site, select the LAYERS tab; select COMMUNITY; and select either one of the two FEMA Flood Hazard Maps (data is same for each map). Otherwise, the maps can be viewed on the FEMA Map Service Center.