The Winnetka Police Department does not solicit donations (PDF).

While some solicitors are authorized and legitimate, many are not. The Winnetka Police Department encourages all residents to take some basic precautions when dealing with unknown solicitors.


When someone knocks at your door, don’t open it unless you know your visitor. View the person through a door viewer or window. Ask who they are and what they want. If the person is a sales representative, ask to see identification and their solicitor permit. A legitimate solicitor will have a Village of Winnetka permit. Have the person slip their credentials through the mail slot or view them through the window or door viewer. If you choose to conduct business with a legitimate sales representative, limit the amount of personal information you provide. Never provide a social security or bank debit card number.

If the solicitor does not have a permit or refuses to provide identification, do not open the door and advise them you are not interested in their sales presentation. If you have concerns or questions on the legitimacy of a permit, contact the Winnetka Police Department to verify the identity of the individual and the organization they purport to represent. If the solicitor becomes belligerent, tell him/her to leave your property and call the police.

Reporting Solicitations

Call 911 immediately to report suspicious person(s) and activities. This includes a solicitor who refuses to leave your property or has become hostile or threatening.