Can I build in the flood plain?

Yes, new construction is permitted in the floodplain in accordance with the Village of Winnetka’s Flood Hazard Protection Ordinance, Sections 15.68.050.G and 15.68.080.  

Construction of a new home or structure with a basement may be permitted in the floodplain if a Letter of Map Revision – Fill (LOMR-F) is first obtained from FEMA. The LOMR-F can be obtained if engineered fill has been placed and compacted on the site to create a clay building pad for the home.  All work must be done in accordance with the Village’s Flood Hazard Protection Ordinance.  A LOMR-F, removes that portion of the property that was filled from the floodplain, thereby allowing a home to be constructed with an engineered basement. Otherwise, if site constraints do not allow for a LOMR-F, a home with a floodable crawlspace (no basement) may be constructed.  The details of the design requirements are outlined in Section 15.68.050.G and 15.68.080 of the Flood Hazard Protection Ordinance.

Compensatory storage must be provided to offset any fill that is placed in the floodplain, under any circumstance.  Compensatory storage must equal a minimum of 1.1 x Fill volume.

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