Are there any restrictions for construction for homes adjacent to the 100-year flood plain?

The MWRD’s WMO requires that new home construction and/or substantial improvements to existing homes need to prove, by means of a certified topographic survey, prepared by either an Illinois Registered Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer, that the existing/new home and/or improvements are above the BFE by at least 0.10 feet.  

 Regardless, if you are considering constructing a new home that is within 100’ of the BFE, the following design criteria must be met:

  • The top of foundation (and any opening in those foundations) must be at or above the FPE.  
  • It must also be demonstrated that the building and foundation below the BFE are reasonably safe from flooding, per design standard requirements in FEMA Technical Bulletin 10-01, and the Village’s Flood Hazard Protection Ordinance, Section 15.68.050.G.   

These requirements include:

  • Providing integrally cast window wells with the foundation wall;
  • Maintaining the top of foundation at a minimum elevation of the FPE; 
  • The foundation must be constructed of poured concrete without seams/joints; 
  • All attendant utilities, including the air conditioning units must be set to at least the FPE; and 
  • The foundation elements must be designed and certified to withstand any applied hydrostatic pressures. 

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